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I’m Barry Westover, agency owner.

Do you hate pushy salespeople? Me too! I spent 20 years in the automobile industry and I have built a good reputation of being the NON-pushy salesperson because nobody likes or deserves that. I’ve brought that attitude over to my insurance business. As a result, you will have a pleasant relaxed conversation about your needs without the pressure. I understand completely that people just want enough information to make their own decisions and not have someone try to “strong-arm” them into a buying decision

These same characteristics were brought with me into the insurance industry and am happy to help anyone. We can help guide you in choosing the right policy for you and your loved ones. Many people know they NEED insurance to cover them and their family but think it’s too expensive. Lets work together to show you options that meet your needs and your budget. Lets talk about what you want all the way up to investing money inherited or show you a Final Expense plan that doesn’t take food off your table. I invite you to see what made me a #1 GO – TO – GUY for many others. Fill out the form below to see your options and learn more about us.

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